By Greg Miller

In Watch, Greg Miller describes a clean purposefulness in his lifestyles and achieves a brand new point of poetic considering and composition in his writing. Artfully combining the spiritual and secular worldviews in his personal experience of human tradition, Miller complicates our knowing of all 3. The poems in Watch sift layers of common and human heritage throughout a number of continents, looking at work, archeological digs, cityscapes, seascapes, landscapes—all in an try to envision a transparent, grounded non secular existence. making use of a powerful array of conventional meters and diverse different types of unfastened verse, Miller’s poems have fun groups either invented and genuine.

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Napoleon spent the evening as soon as in a small, freestanding room. a few nights hurricane waves pound rock streams like drums less than your ft as though cracking doom knocked domestic, white crests feathering the lighthouse eye. The Celts inbuilt the hills sooner than the Greeks. (I climbed to their caves to get my new bearings. ) At nightfall within the Greek theater I watch stars pierce the cobalt dome and that i pay attention wings. WAKE I within the wake of the attention, our oak cracks one thick limb on a pivot, then lifts, approximately to separate. From the darkish we watch the neighbor’s pear splay, wind fling eco-friendly pecans, wires block the driveway, one low black cord (alive? ) swinging the line. Water breaches the levies on our five-inch black-and-white. a girl floats a plastic crate. The vulnerable die on the airport, at Charity, on rooftops, attended, in attics, whilst our reveal is going out, a bullet. II within the COLISEUM “One of my sons is bothered. ‘Where is my Nana? ’ he asks me. What am i able to say to him? ” he asks me. A stuttering lady sits through her sister. “Oh is she drowning! ” I don’t comprehend what I’m doing and that i won’t. III Troops guy roadblocks. typhoon scent (sweet sour): mildew within the playroom, mould within the tiles, on dolls, toys, outfits, and books. My head, a child’s swing, turns a hinge-song, rain crow, rotted crown. Mississippi, September 2005 WHITE (I) A low tree packed with nearly white blooms battened via skinny sheathes of close to see-through accordion eco-friendly fights its strength that breaks free, oozing, with hold up. Lengthening days will carry bees, breezes, and birds to fireside fruit from lit rainy wicks. His kindness like water wears down stone. All lightness is his. while the culmination’ hours swell and fall he'll be long past. the longer term QUEEN I lie wide awake lengthy after the lighting are out. past due night’s oblivion. not anything in any respect. No canines howling listening to a department fall— or a motor vehicle backfire or a baby shout. I’m clean. The inky darkish is simply approximately all i will make out. (Crickets climb the wall? ) The clock’s heart’s spinning silver. I’ll remember not anything of what I’m considering now, without doubt. What tale might i've got myself rehearse? His bragging bought me during this repair. I’d spin gold out of straw? The fox and the hare might be tricked, yet my name’s now not correct. This nightmare may worsen. Who will I be then and the way will I win? That little guy is furiously specific. remorse My little cat has stuck the reedy warbler, a yellow ball, a present laid at my toes. it really is her nature to carry such issues to me. And heavier than air, dumb, flying unfastened, my nature is to understand remorse, to bell my prepared light-footed sorrow whereas i will. 1983 WHITE (II) Snow! Snow! The tile roofs are lined. the floor is roofed. And it’s nonetheless coming down. light stone and stucco make the white whiter, the sky, too, vibrant white. within the excessive desolate tract above the cloud line, white peaks broke the white cover of the world’s bed room. Frozen mist aureoled streetlamps. We stuck gentle in a single another’s fingers underneath the uncurtained window on the again part of the pit appeared up on the stars over the height transparent nights invisible now approximately insufferable.

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