By Doug Knutson, Eric Arnold

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A volcano might be known as a dozing mountain--that is, until eventually it wakes up! what's it prefer to witness the eruption of 1 of nature's majestic time bombs? younger readers can examine what makes volcanoes "tick," and skim approximately one of the most recognized eruptions in history.

Written by way of Eric Arnold, illustrated by means of Doug Knutson

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Four hearth within the Mountain Volcanologists search for clues that might aid them are expecting whilst a volcano will erupt. this is often difficult to do, simply because every one eruption is varied and a few ensue without notice! it really is harmful paintings, yet many lives might be stored from what volcanologists observe. the teachings discovered from the Mount St. Helens eruption helped scientists to foretell the eruption of Mount Pinatubo (pin-uh-TOO-bo) within the Philippines in 1991. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo was once 8 instances higher than that of Mount St. Helens. humans have been moved to secure areas sooner than the eruption occurred. notwithstanding approximately two hundred humans died, millions of lives have been kept. a lot of the paintings of volcanologists is completed in a laboratory, the place they give the impression of being at samples of fuel and lava. yet additionally they paintings correct on a volcano. this can be referred to as fieldwork. They checklist the day by day lifetime of a volcano. Volcanologists take a volcano’s temperature with a distinct electrical thermometer. (They don’t use a tumbler thermometer, simply because glass may holiday from the intense warmth. ) once they are looking to get with regards to the “hot” motion, volcanologists occasionally put on fireproof fits. The temperature contained in the go well with remains cool. a few volcanologists learn volcanoes on different planets. Satellites take images in outer house, and scientists research them. the largest volcano within the sun method is Olympus Mons on this planet Mars. It’s nearly thrice the peak of Mount Everest! Volcanologists journey inside of Alvin, a submarine, to gather samples of volcanic rock. yet now not all volcanologists are human! Dante, a robotic, used to be equipped to move slowly into the crater of Mount Erebus (AIR-uh-bus) in Antarctica to degree lava and gasoline. Here’s how a volcano works: The earth has a layer of “skin” that's made up of rock. The earth’s pores and skin is termed the crust. The crust is sort of a jigsaw puzzle made of significant items known as plates. those plates flow very slowly—a few inches a 12 months. Why do they stream? simply because they sit down on most sensible of rock that's very, very popular. The rock will get so scorching in spots that it melts. SMACK! whilst the plates bump one another or pull aside, a crack may perhaps shape within the crust. Magma and gasoline push up during the crack. as soon as magma is open air of the volcano, it's referred to as lava. occasionally lava explodes in a cloud and shoots out of the crater, because it did within the Mount St. Helens eruption. yet a few volcanoes don’t explode once they erupt. as a substitute, streams of sizzling lava circulate out. The volcanoes of Hawaii erupt this fashion. The lava flows are appealing, yet they're like a “river of fireside. ” They burn every little thing of their course! A volcano will get higher from layers of lava and ash increase on its facets. while magma or lava cools, varieties of volcanic, or igneous (IG-nee-us), rock are shaped. Granite varieties whilst magma cools slowly in cracks underneath the earth’s floor. Basalt varieties while a move of lava cools speedy. Pumice (PUM-is), the lightest rock on the planet, is made while thick, sticky lava cools quickly. Pumice hardens with air bubbles inside—it is so mild, it could possibly waft in water. five the day prior to this and this day thousand years in the past in Italy, a boy observed Mount Vesuvius (vuh-SOO-vee-us) erupt.

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