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It used to be now not lengthy sooner than he back to announce that he used to be heading east. He ordered his tent (to be struck) and (called for) his baggage, mounts and gear. His tent used to be pulled down and brought to al-Husayn, peace be on him, then he stated to his spouse: "You are divorced, return for your kinfolk, for i don't wish whatever to befall you other than reliable. " Then he acknowledged to his partners: Whoever desires to persist with me (may do so), another way he's on the finish of his covenant with me (i. e. published from obedience to persist with Zuhayr because the chief of his tribal group). i'm going to let you know a narrative (of anything which occurred to me once): we have been raiding a wealthy land. God granted us victory and we gained (a lot of) booty. Salman al-Farsl, the mercy of God be on him, acknowledged to us: 'Are you cheerful with the victory which God has granted you and the booty you could have received? ' We stated: 'Yes. ' Then he acknowledged: 'Therefore should you meet the lord of the younger males of the family members of Muhammad be happier to struggle with them than you're with the booty that you have bought this day. ' As for me. I pray that God might be with you. " He remained one of the individuals with al-Husayn until eventually he used to be killed. [Abd Allah b. Sulayman and al-Mundhir b. Mushamill either from Asad, reported:] once we had complete the pilgrimage, there has been no difficulty extra very important to us than to affix al-Husayn, peace be on him, at the street, in order that we would see what occurred in his affair. We went alongside trotting our camels quickly till we joined him at Zarud. As we approached, there we (saw) a guy from Kufa who had replaced his path while he had noticeable al-Husayn, peace be on him. Al-Husayn, peace be on him, had stopped as though he sought after (to communicate to) him, yet (the guy) neglected him and went on. We went on in the direction of the guy. certainly one of us acknowledged to the opposite: "Come with us to invite this guy if he has information of Kufa. " We got here as much as him and greeted him. He lower back out greeting. "From which (tribe) do you come back, fellow? " we requested. "(I am) an Asadi," he responded. "We are also Asadis," we stated. "Who are you? " "I am Bakr b. so and so," he responded and we instructed him our lineage. "Tell us of the folk (you have left) in the back of you? " we requested. "Yes," he answered, "I in basic terms left Kufa after Muslim b. 'Aqil and Hani' b. 'Urwa were killed. I observed them being dragged by way of their legs into the market-place. " We went directly to subscribe to al-Husayn, peace be on him, and we have been vacationing on the subject of him until eventually he stopped at al-Thalabiyya within the night. We stuck up with him while he stopped and we greeted him. He again our greeting. "May God have mercy on you," we acknowledged, "we have information. if you want, we'll inform it to you publicly or if you want, secretly. " He checked out us and at his fans. "There is not any veil for those men," he spoke back. "Did you spot the rider whom you have been close to, the day before today night? " "Yes," he responded, "I had desired to query him. " "We have gotten the scoop from him and spared you (the difficulty of) wondering him," we stated. "He used to be a guy from our (tribe), of sound judgment, honesty and intelligence.

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