By Boris Avrukh

Grandmaster Repertoire is a chain of top of the range chess books in response to the most strains, written by way of powerful grandmasters. the purpose is to supply the reader with a whole repertoire at a degree more than enough for elite tournaments, and positively additionally for the membership championship. In volumes, The Grünfeld Defence bargains a whole repertoire for Black opposed to 1.d4. Avrukh's prior Grandmaster Repertoire books White bought common rave experiences and feature been highly influential on chess gamers around the globe, together with on the very maximum point. this is often quantity considered one of .

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J,g2 dS s. tLls j,g7 6. 0-0 0-0 7. ~b3 7 ... ~b6 A) eight. eS S9 S9 60 sixty one sixty one sixty two sixty three sixty four sixty four B) eight. ~xb6 C) eight. tLle3 gd8 Cl) nine. cxdS C2) nine. j,f4 C3) nine. ~a3 C4) nine. gdl CS) nine. h3 C6) nine. eS C3) after eleven. ~a3 A) after 14. tt:\el? C6) after 17. :E1a4 eight eight eight 7 7 7 6 6 6 five five five four four four three three three 2 2 2 1 abc d e 14... b6N f g h abcdefgh abcdefgh 1l... tt:\a6N 17... tt:\f8! N 59 bankruptcy 6 -7. WI'b3 l. d4 c! [}f6 2. c~ g6 three. g3 c6 four. i. g2 dS S. ~f3 i. g7 6. 0-0 0-07. WI'b3 really a well-liked line at GM-level. 7 .. •YlYb6 abc d e f g h 14. ~eH abc d e f g h it is a thematic reaction to White's queen sortie in positions with a Slav pawn constitution, and it really works good for Black right here. White's techniques are: the untimely A) eight. cS, B) eight. YlYxb6 and C) eight. c! [}c3. The closed pawn constitution makes the location really drawish, and 14. lL\g5 should still let White to keep up the stability, even if he could nonetheless need to play safely. 14••• b6N this can be an development on Ernst - LAmi, Groningen 2003, and takes good thing about White's final circulation; the specter of .... ia6 poses critical difficulties for White, as a result awkward placement of his minor items. A) eight. cS YlYxb3 nine. axb3 i've got built an invaluable 'rule' for this pawn constitution: if Black manages to prevent White's risky suggestion of b4-b5, then he'll have completely no difficulties. nine ••• c! [}a6 preventing White's basically notion. Black will now organize to improve his e-pawn, which may still supply him probabilities to struggle for the initiative. IS. f3 exf3 sixteen. ~xf3 bxcS Black is simply a pawn up. B) eight. YlYxb6 axb6 eight 7 6 five 10. c! [}c3 c! [}d7 1l. E1a4 After eleven. e4 dxe4 12. c! [}xe4 Teske - Balinov, Graz 1996, easiest is the calm 12 ... lL\f6N thirteen. lL\c3lL\b4 and basically Black will be higher. 1l •••eS 12. e3 ~c7 13•. idl e4 four three 2 1 ~~~~~~~~~ abc d e f g h 60 Fianchetto platforms this is often additionally a untimely selection, on account that Black can use the semi-open a-file to generate play at the queenside. nine. cxd5 tOxd5! Black is already intending to a bonus; he's not happy with the extra symmetrical place after nine ... cxd5. This common circulate is the one manner for White to struggle for a bonus. 8... gd8 i've got continually thought of 8... ~f5 to be an both playable continuation, yet lately White has discovered a few new principles opposed to it. whilst White has been suffering to illustrate any virtue after the rook circulation, accordingly my number of it for this ebook. White now chooses from quite a lot of techniques: Cl) nine. cxd5, C2) 9.. 1£4, C3) nine. %Ya3, C4) 9J:Ml, C5) nine. h3 and C6) nine. c5. White has additionally attempted: nine. VMxb6?! axb6 1O. cxd5 this can be particularly risk free, considering the fact that Black can recapture on d5 along with his items. 10 ... lLlxd5 Il. lLlxd5 ~xd5! abc d e f g h lO. e4 10. lLlc3? permits Black reliable play: 1O ... lLlxc3 eleven. bxc3 J. e6 12. a3 lLld7 thirteen. lLld2 b5 14. lLle4 f5 15. lLlg5 ~c4 Black was once in actual fact larger in Palme - Kraus, Kirchheim 1947. 1O. ~d2 c5 (l0 ... b5 eleven. lLlc3 lLlb6 additionally appears to be like tremendous for Black, Lundvik - Eriksson, Sweden 2003) Il. e4lLlc7 12. ~c3 lLlb5! thirteen. dxc5 lLlxc3 14. lLlxc3 Ree - Moisieev, Amsterdam 1967. After the common 14 ...

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