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Textbook of Agronomy

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Specially within the wet season, retaining a vigil on hundreds of thousands of canals (or trenches), wells, and lakes could be helpful. King should still take care on prevention of illnesses and relief of risk from hearth, promises top welfare, all around nourishment, and safety for either the bipeds and the quadrupeds. 2. four. 6 Kautilya’s Arthasastra I. heritage on Arthasastra Kautilya’s Artha-Sastra (250 B. C. ) is an in depth handbook on statecraft and the technological know-how of classical occasions. Kautilya is additionally often called ‘Chanakya’ and Vishnu gupta. Arthashastra bargains with the technological know-how of politics, economics and the artwork of presidency in its widest sense—the upkeep of legislation and order as an effective administrative equipment. Artha, actually ability ‘wealth’, is one in every of 4 ideal goals prescribed by means of Hindu culture. in response to this, Kautilya’s Arthashastra keeps that the country or AGRICULTURAL background OF INDIA fifty seven govt of a rustic has a necessary function to play in keeping the cloth prestige of either the kingdom and its humans. II. gains of Villages Villages consisting each one of no less than 100 households and of no more than five-hundred households of agricultural humans of súdra caste, with obstacles extending so far as a krósa (2250 yds. ) or , and in a position to holding one another will be shaped. limitations can be denoted through a river, a mountain, forests, bulbous vegetation, caves, synthetic constructions, or by way of bushes comparable to silk cotton tree, Acacia suma, and kshíravriksha (milky trees). There might be organize a stháníya (a fort of that identify) within the centre of eight-hundred villages, a drónamukha within the centre of four-hundred villages, a khárvátika within the centre of two-hundred villages and sangrahana in the course of a suite of ten villages. III. Agriculture The superintendent of agriculture may still own the information of the technology of agriculture. Seeds of grains, flora, end result, greens, bulbous roots, roots, fibre-producing crops, and cotton might be amassed in time. Sow the seeds on lands ploughed usually and satisfactorily. Ploughs (karshanayantra) and different useful tools or bullocks are made to be had with the help of blacksmiths, carpenters, borers (medaka), rope makers, in addition to those that seize snakes, and related folks. Any loss as a result of the above individuals will probably be punished with a very good equivalent to the loss. (i) Rainfall - the amount of rain that falls within the state of jángala is sixteen dronas; part as even more in wet international locations (anúpánám); as to the nations that are healthy for agriculture (désavápánam);— thirteen½ dronas within the nation of asmakas; 23 dronas in avantí; and an important volume in western international locations (aparántánám), the borders of the Himalayas, and the international locations the place water channels are made use of in agriculture. A forecast of such rainfall may be made through gazing the location, movement, and being pregnant (garbhádána) of the Jupiter (Brihaspati), the increase and set and movement of the Venus, and the common or unnatural point of the sunlight.

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