By Itzhak Bentov

"A paraphysical odyssey....Dazzles the mind's eye and explanations you to reconsider every thing you ever concept you knew concerning the nature of reality.... A landmark in man's new makes an attempt to combine realities inside of and without."—(Jean Houston, the root for brain Research)

"A brilliantly carried out theoretical romp throughout the universe....To do all this with humor and suspense is certainly a huge accomplishment."—(Dr. Montague Ullman, Maimonides scientific Center)

"A appealing presentation of the weather of recognition, production, and matter."—(John C. Lilly)

"A ground-breaking paintings. transparent, creative, and encouraging, it deals a innovative snapshot of the human brain and universe."—(Dr. Stanislav Grof)

In his fascinating and unique view of the universe, Itzhak Bentov has supplied a brand new viewpoint on human awareness and its unlimited chances. well known and enjoyed for his pleasant humor and mind's eye, Bentov explains the frequent international of phenomena with perceptions which are as lucid as they're exciting. He offers us a provocative photograph of ourselves in an increased, unsleeping, holistic universe, displaying us that:

* bodies replicate the universe, all the way down to the operating of every cell.
* we're pulsating beings in a vibrating universe, in consistent movement among the finite and the infinite.
* The universe and all topic is realization within the means of developing.
* Our brains are concept amplifiers, no longer thought's source.
* The universe is a hologram. And so is the brain—a hologram analyzing a holographic universe.
* we will immediately reclaim any info ever recognized.

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C. Physics this present day, could 1969, Vol. 22. 6. Lavie, Peretz and Kripke, Daniel F. Psychology this present day, April 1975, p. fifty four. 7. The values for the ratio pass up speedily as we transcend 89 levels. At 89. nine levels this ratio is ready 573. It is going past 1000000 above 89. 9999 levels. eight. whilst the attitude ‡ turns into ninety levels, then the subjective time turns into infinitely lengthy. the reason is, the cosine of ninety levels is 0. therefore: Subjective time = = infinity. nine. Clairvoyants are those that can function with no the limitations of area and time and will see and describe occasions happening some time past and the longer term, either within the actual and the non-physical nation-states. 6. Relative Realities 1. manhattan: Harper and Row, 1973; London: Allen Lane, 1974. 2. This, i think, is so generally. three. the lessons of Don Juan. ny: Ballantine Books, 1969; Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1970. A Separate truth. big apple: Simon & Schuster, 1971; London: Bodley Head, 1971. trip to Ixtlan. ny: Simon & Schuster, 1972; London Bodley Head, 1973. four. REM or swift eye circulate sleep is characterised via lively eye hobbies, yet while, a very limp physique. The eyes appear to be following a few full of life motion. those classes are repeated approximately each ninety to a hundred mins for approximately five to 7 mins. five. Parapsychology beginning, Inc. , 29 West Fifty-seventy St. , manhattan, N. Y. 10019. 6. Charlottesville, Va. : college of Virginia Press, 1974. 7. big apple: Bantam Books, 1976. eight. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. : Prentice-Hall, 1972 and 1974, respectively. nine. Ultraviolet radiation given off throughout the department of cells. 7. the myth of the Bicycle 1. it really is attention-grabbing to say during this context a survey carried out at the U. S. inhabitants in 1975, during which humans have been requested whether or not they have had any mystical studies. 40 percentage replied absolutely. one of many universal positive factors of those reviews, based on the survey, used to be that “time has come to a cease. ” via now, after interpreting bankruptcy four, the reader will be able to clarify this strange phenomenon. This survey was once the paintings of Andrew M. Greeley and William C. McReady of the college of Chicago, nationwide Opinion examine heart. on hand from: Sage courses, Inc. , Beverly Hills, California. eight. A version of the Universe 1. it really is truly allotted at the hypersurface of a hyper-balloon. 2. Isotropy potential sameness in all instructions. three. Oort, J. “Galaxies and the Universe. ” technology, Vol. a hundred and seventy, December 25, 1970, p. 1369. four. it's going to be pointed out that we glance at this movement as if all subject in space-time behaves like viscous fluid. it may be regarded as such simply because at the time scale of our huge version the existence span of stars and different “solid” topic is particularly brief. they simply blink into life and blink out. They cross from “dust to dirt” so as to communicate. Such airborne dirt and dust can be certain via intergalactic magnetic and gravitational fields right into a medium that behaves as a viscous fluid. hence, the universe isn't “chunky” on a wide time scale. five. Taylor, John, Black Holes: the top of the Universe? ny: Random condominium, 1973; London: keepsake Press, 1973.

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