By Philippe Rigaux

Spatial Databases is the 1st unified, in-depth therapy of designated concepts for facing spatial info, quite within the box of geographic details platforms (GIS). This ebook surveys numerous thoughts, equivalent to spatial info types, algorithms, and indexing equipment, built to handle particular positive factors of spatial information that aren't competently dealt with by way of mainstream DBMS technology.

The e-book additionally stories advertisement options to geographic info dealing with: ArcInfo, ArcView, and Smallworld GISs; and extensions to the relational version, PostgreSQL and Oracle Spatial. The authors research those underlying GIS applied sciences, examine their strengths and weaknesses, and look at particular makes use of for which every product is most suitable.

* Examines the strengths of assorted question languages and ways to question processing.
* Explains using computational geometry in spatial databases GISs, delivering precious heritage and an in-depth examine key algorithms.
* Covers spatial entry equipment, together with the R-tree and a number of other space-driven buildings, and is full of dozens of useful illustrations.

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