• Legends inform of the mysterious Harrow decks which may immediately modify a person's existence — for stable or for ailing — or that expert spellcasters can draw upon the Harrow's mystic energy to reinforce their very own magic. Others communicate of whole worlds created contained in the Harrow, geographical regions modeled after the unique and scary locales pictured within the playing cards and populated through unusual humans and stranger creatures. So while the heroes are employed to enquire a mysterious disappearance, can they live to tell the tale this journey into the strangest realm but explored in a Pathfinder world?
  • The Harrowing is an experience for 9th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and suitable with the 3.5 version of the world's oldest RPG. it's also a brand-new monster and principles for incorporating the preferred Harrow Deck (not required) at once into play, including an exhilarating new point of likelihood into the game.

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Fortunately, discovering the jealous service provider recognized basically as Eveready Jocob (N male centaur professional four) proves some distance more uncomplicated. He lately offered a bottle of excellent brandy to an air elemental, and the drunken creature now threatens to kill him unwittingly because it makes an attempt to bounce with him. Jocob, jealous of the Nightpeddler’s good fortune, follows the dealer around the Dearth in hopes of discovering his mysterious consumers. whereas the desktops don't have any approach of understanding the centaur can consultant them, he continues to be the 1st dwelling soul they’ve obvious for the reason that coming into the wastelands, which means a few familiarity with the lack. Creatures: A drunken air elemental roams the wasteland, the one position within the Harrowed Realm the place winds blow freely. The odd get away (CR eight) Card: the massive Sky (the rebellion succeeds after the computers supply purely boons rather than 4) The slaves of the Nightpeddler caravan are making plans a rebel, simply as they've got refrained from luck each few weeks for hundreds of thousands of years. almost immediately after the desktops arrive, one of many slaves contacts them in brief, begging to fulfill the 24 the Harrowing occasion after moonrise. in the event that they agree, they meet with Reasha (N girl human commoner 3), who begs the outsiders for assist in their break out try out in 2 days. at the moment, the caravan includes 33 slaves in various states of healthiness. Adventurers will help within the slave rebel in a few methods. as long as they supply no less than 4 significant boons to the slave rebel, it succeeds. Taking any violent motion starts off the slave riot in advance, and initiates the PC’s come across with the Nightpeddler himself (see below). power boons contain: arming the troops with not less than 15 martial guns; supplying the slaves at the least 15 fits of armor; loosening manacles with a stolen key (DC 25 Sleight of Hand) or deciding upon the locks (DC 20 Disable machine each); offering clinical reduction to the injured or infirm (cast a complete of 10 therapeutic spells or differently heal a complete of fifty hit issues of wear unfold over 10 individuals); rallying the troops with a DC 25 practice (oratory) or career (soldier) money, or a DC 30 international relations payment; and assisting the slaves shape a conflict plan with a DC 20 wisdom (history), wisdom (nobility), or occupation (soldier) payment. improvement: With the desktops’ relief, the slave riot succeeds and the survivors flee into the desolate tract, ultimately making their technique to the Briar or somewhere else within the Harrowed Realm. If the slave rebel succeeds, the Nightpeddler’s kyton guards disperse into the desolate tract to trace down the runaways, making the ultimate war of words with the Dearth’s Conspirator a lot more straightforward. then again, the computers can easily purchase the slaves’ freedom at 50 gp apiece. Doing so offers the adventure from this stumble upon, however the Nightpeddler’s kyton guards stay by means of their employer’s aspect within the ultimate war of words. to the computers (or in the event that they surely did not anything to aid) or in the event that they confront the Nightpeddler earlier than the riot, he offers squarely with them. just like the Ticktock guy, he has many makes use of for Marzalee’s disgusting grubs and should exchange his token for part a dozen of the creatures.

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