By Stephen S. Greer

  • The island penal mining colony of Deepmar off the north coast of Cheliax has supplied the infernal residence of Thrune with a gradual offer of important crystals for many years — yet now all touch with the island has ceased! despatched to the remoted island to enquire, the heroes needs to discover the eerily deserted mining colony and the encircling island to find what sinister danger has silenced the cost and interrupted the regular movement of minerals from the colony’s mines. Can the heroes detect the reality at the back of the disappearance of the island’s population and get the wealthy assets of Deepmar flowing to the mainland back, or will they, too, vanish, by no means to be heard from again?
  • No reaction From Deepmar is a dungeon and wasteland exploration Pathfinder Module designed for 8th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and appropriate with the 3.5 variation of the world's oldest RPG. the journey features a certain gazetteer of a penal mining colony to be used within the Pathfinder crusade surroundings or any fable roleplaying world.

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By no means run out of ready-to-play adventures on your campaign—subscribe this day! stopover at paizo. com/subscribe for info. 32 Deepmar Penal Colony forty ft zero ft Derro Lair 1 sq. = 10 toes eighty toes A2 ? A13 A2 A1 A12 A16 B3 A9 B2 -60 ft A14 A5 +70 toes A4 A6 A10 A17 B13 A3 S A7 B11 B12 B10 B1 A15 A8 B8 A1 A11 A2 B4 A2 +40 toes B6 B7 -200 toes B9 B5 ? as much as Dig web site Caina -60 ft ? ? ? A PATHFINDER RPG event FOR point eight by means of Stephen S. Greer long past and not using a hint! Pathfinder Module No reaction from Deepmar 100 miles off the Chelish coast lies the distant island of Deepmar, the place the home of Thrune sends prisoners to paintings in crystal mines, wresting necessary spell elements from the depths of the earth. A month in the past, all touch with the penal colony ceased, and now somebody needs to detect what mysterious destiny has befallen the prisoners and guards of this remoted mining operation. The deserted colony indicates no indicators of fight but whatever is obviously now not correct: Herds of animals lie mutilated within the surrounding fields. The savage beasts of the island have run amok contained in the compound. And the silent, gaping mines—each named for a special layer of Hell—lead to new threats past anyone's imagining. because the computers discover the island looking for the lacking miners and their jailers, what they become aware of may perhaps unhinge their very minds. If left unchecked, the hot masters of Deepmar might lead to a brand new period of insanity for all of Cheliax—and past. No reaction from Deepmar is an event of scary dungeon-and-wilderness exploration for 8th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and suitable with the three. five variation of the world’s oldest RPG. This quantity additionally features a gazetteer of the island of Deepmar, a close description of the deserted penal colony, and a brand-new monster, all of which are simply tailored to be used in any crusade surroundings. paizo.

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