• The rustic folks of Blackbeach have saved their cursed history mystery for hundreds of thousands of years — they're pureblooded scions of misplaced Azlant, the sunken continent around the western sea, whose bloodline ultimately motives them to remodel into sea-folk and obey a wierd underwater entity. a neighborhood sorcerer attempting to therapy his humans has woke up a poor evil, locked away in a close-by Azlanti destroy for hundreds of thousands of years. Now the villagers are speedily devolving into fishlike monsters and listening to a telepathic name they can not refuse. Can the heroes shop the villagers and forestall the traditional abomination ahead of it escapes to avenge itself?
  • An aquatic dungeon event for 6th-level Pathfinder Roleplaying Game characters.

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The spire orbits the island each 10 mins, and purely the decrease of 2 degrees is available from the skin. contained in the tower’s base, an previous stone staircase climbs 70 ft to the higher damaged edges of the tower. to arrive the orbiting spire, desktops may well use magical skill, corresponding to fly or size door, or extra mundane potential, corresponding to utilizing 21 ® module grappling hooks or leaping into a gap within the spire because it passes by means of the tower ruins. If the desktops decide to fly to the spire, see The Orbital present on web page 12, because the tower orbits at a top of eighty ft. At its closest aspect, the orbiting spire passes inside of 10 ft of the crumbling top stair of the tower, yet there is not any room for a working begin at the stairs, thereby doubling the DC of any Acrobatics tests to transparent the space. every person past the 1st trying the leap because the tower passes provides +2 to the DC of this fee as a result of crowded, slim ledge. After a profitable bounce, a computer needs to make a DC 15 Climb fee to clamber contained in the nearest commencing. Failure leads to a fall from eighty toes up, and the orbit of the spire contains any falling computers 2d6×10 toes in keeping with around clear of their beginning place. Traversing the tumbling spire with no the luxurious of flight calls for a DC 10 Climb money every one around to maneuver at area velocity, or DC 15 to maneuver at part pace. Any failure of five or extra leads to the computer getting knocked approximately in the spire and ache 2d6 issues of wear. The alternative lenses hover serenely within the uppermost room of the tower and are cushioned from the erratic pursuits of the spire via a desk bound levitation influence. numerous lenses are shattered, their shards nonetheless putting in position. purely 3 intact lenses stay. catch: If a computer who's now not donning an armillary amulet touches any of the lenses, he triggers a capture. a laptop donning the armillary amulet can simply and thoroughly retrieve a lens with no surroundings off the capture. topic to an identical modifiers because the preliminary investigations of the gadget (see sector B7), however the computers may well retry the money as frequently as wanted. changing the lens raises the desktops’ possibilities of drawing a random orrery impression to twenty-five% in step with around. Any notebook keeping the lens and hit by means of the orrery’s wild orbiting globe, astral shunt, or armillary sphere cluster results needs to prevail on a DC 20 Reflex retailer to prevent shedding the lens and hence shattering it and requiring one other alternative from the orbiting spire. If the cost is profitable, the lens is pulled all at once into orbit, the place it hovers in position and collects starlight in an more and more tight-focused beam. A unmarried, sparkling glyph rises to fulfill the beam, pulses in short, then descends slowly to relaxation, now darkish. on the excavation website, the villagers commence slowly shaking off the consequences of the aboleth’s stronger domination (see releasing the Villagers below). advert Hoc adventure: For effectively changing the lens and deactivating the glyph, award the computers 2,400 XP. B9. The Natatorium This situation and the hidden chambers underneath it are specific partially 3.

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