By Keith Baker

  • None visit Dragonscar! The legends converse of the traditional beast acknowledged to live in the volcanic sector, and even though few have visible the robust dragon of overdue, these legends are sufficient to ward idle explorers away. but now, thunder shakes the geographical region and fireplace stains the sky — the dragon of Dragonscar is wakeful, and all who oppose him shall burn!
  • This experience, written through Eberron author Keith Baker, is designed for a celebration of 15th-level characters.

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A few think that he has the energy to revive town; others are afraid that he's a few kind of monster. a laptop who forges a robust dating with a protect (or makes use of discover ideas) may perhaps research that Tesh bribed a couple of guards utilizing unusual cash whilst he initially arrived. Upon “Continue on, tourists. Dalaston isn't any position for strangers. ” 6 blood of dragonscar international relations and Intimidate are both lifeless opposed to the cold. in spite of the fact that, she has no objection to the gamers getting into the city; the count’s orders are that not anyone leaves. If puzzled courteously, she finds the subsequent issues: • Dalaston is below curfew in the meanwhile, and the voters aren't allowed to go away. • The computers could input, yet then they need to stay in the city till the trip limit is lifted. • The curfew is in position to prevent panic end result of the fresh volcanic eruption. (This is a lie, yet because of her unusual physique language, it takes a DC 30 experience reason fee for a computer to make certain of this). • it's not her position to debate any longer info. She advises the computers to proceed on their travels, but when they insist on getting into the city, they're ordered to take action speedy and get off the streets. She says not more. • If any of the desktops is a virgin, more youthful than center age, and has a aura of 10 or larger, the cold girl monitors a wierd curiosity. She nonetheless exhibits no emotion, yet seems learning this individual with specific depth and directs all her reviews to them (the notebook are usually not understand their virginity is the reason for this scrutiny). The guards keep on with the lead of the cold lady; they're visibly unnerved by means of her presence. they don't converse to the computers; if spoken to, they only look nervously on the cold lady. the main they do is element the computers towards the marketplace if requested approximately protect. international relations can be utilized at the guards, who're before everything unfriendly; a shield who turns into pleasant could later meet up with the desktops at the streets and take a look at to assist. A DC 10 wisdom (religion) cost supplies the computer the suspicion that the cold lady is a few unexpected type of undead. Her physique language and the faint sit back within the air round her recommend a ghost owning a residing physique, yet it’s demanding to make certain. The useless guy is a foundry employee named Jahn who misplaced his relations and residential in Horranath’s assault and sought to escape. If interrogated with communicate with lifeless, he has no wish to go back from the lifeless, yet can solution different questions. besides the fact that, the cold lady calls for that the computers depart the physique on my own. Creatures: the first probability is the cold. There are city guards, but when wrestle breaks out they only flee or try and elevate the alarm. The cold doesn't start up wrestle, yet defends herself if attacked. cold achieve transitority hit issues. Morale because the father or mother of the gate, Chene makes an attempt to escape if diminished lower than 25 hit issues. If she escapes, a harvester patrol (see The Harversters come upon) may possibly appear in particular trying to find the desktops. Dwarf Guards (2) CR 1 hp 6 (MM ninety one) Dalassenos Mansion The mansion of Dalaston’s lord is an austere constitution, the paintings of dwarf masons aiming for balance and power.

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