By Paul Muldoon

Another wild, expansive assortment from the without end impressive Pulitzer Prize–winning poet

Smuggling diesel; Ben-Hur (the motion picture, definite, but in addition Lew Wallace's unique e-book, and Seosamh Mac Grianna's Gaelic translation); a true journey to Havana; an imaginary journey to the Château d'If: Paul Muldoon's most recent selection of poems, his 12th, is phenomenally wide-ranging in its topic matter―as we have now come to anticipate from this grasp of self-reinvention. He might be somber or quick-witted―often in the comparable poem: The mournful chorus of "Cuthbert and the Otters" is "I can't thole the concept of Seamus Heaney dead," yet that does not cease Muldoon from quipping that the traditional Danes "are already dyeing every little thing beige / In anticipation, probably, of the carpet and mustard factories."
If this masterful, multifarious assortment does have a subject matter, it really is watchfulness. "War is to wealth as functionality is to appraisal," he warns in "Recalculating." And "Source is to leak as eire is to debt." Heedful, hard-won, head-turning, heartfelt, those poems try and deliver scrutiny to undergo on every little thing, together with scrutiny itself. One Thousand issues worthy Knowing confirms Nick Laird's overview, in The New York assessment of Books, that Muldoon is "the so much officially formidable and technically cutting edge of contemporary poets," an experimenter and craftsman who "writes poems like not anyone else."

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