By Kourtney Jason

Exposed secrets and techniques . . . DRINK!
Confessed Sex-capades . . . DRINK!
Shared lifestyles stories . . .DRINK!
Relived Embarrasments . . .DRINK!
Oh certain you probably did . . .DRINK!

Packed with a thousand confessions, this publication promises that your subsequent video game of Never Have I Ever may be the most exciting, fascinating and revealing time you’ve ever had together with your friends.

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Jumped off the high-dive at a swimming pool. had intercourse in my mom and dad’ mattress. been to East Asia. walked in on a sibling observing porn. been within a battleship. woken an individual up via being too loud in the course of intercourse. trigger FIREWORKS interior. sobered as much as discover a bank card receipt for a bar I don’t even take into accout going to. shot a rifle. had intercourse whereas excessive. lied approximately being in poor health. invented a brand new intercourse place. been to Antarctica. needed to ASK A SEXUAL companion HIS OR HER identify greater than as soon as. slept at the activity. named a guy’s penis. been stuck utilizing a faux identification. fantasized a few friend’s companion. been concerned about a hit-and-run. connected with an RA. long past crusing in a sailboat. fallen asleep or handed out in the course of intercourse. moved to a brand new urban on a whim. been in a fist struggle. climbed a tall tree. HAD intercourse within the CAMPUS LIBRARY. touched an iceberg. had a person provide me a number of orgasms. GOTTEN A physique half except MY EARS PIERCED. walked in on my mom and dad having intercourse. desired to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. blacked out from ingesting. touched a sea anemone. had intercourse with or extra humans inside of 24 hours. labored as a server. needed to put on a solid. now not gotten laid simply because I didn’t have a condom. slept in a bunk mattress. traveled with a boyfriend or female friend. needed to have an individual hold me domestic simply because i used to be too inebriated. used an individual else’s razor. walked in on a roommate staring at porn. straddled the equator. had intercourse with an individual after which regretted it. been scuba diving. eaten nutrition off anyone else’s physique. ridden an elephant. vomited simply from the odor of alcohol. hacked someone’s electronic mail account. HAD intercourse WITH greater than 10 humans. had intercourse within the mattress of a pickup truck. long gone cling gliding. donated an organ. had intercourse over Skype. eaten puffer fish. BEEN ARRESTED via THE POLICE FOR DRUNKENNESS. helped a baby cross potty. been referred to as a whore. needed to visit the medical institution. taken the virginity of multiple individual. NAMED A GIRL’S BOOBS. been mountaineering. prompt a motorboat. gotten under the influence of alcohol with my mom and dad. hustled a person at pool. watched porn with a sexual accomplice. masturbated. celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in eire. connected with a sibling’s buddy. confessed my sins to a clergyman. been to a rainforest. requested a stranger to shop for me alcohol simply because i used to be underage. lied approximately my weight. FARTED whereas RECEIVING ORAL. been blindfolded by means of a sexual associate. walked the Brooklyn Bridge. watched porn. been frisked by way of the law enforcement officials. long gone on a sea cruise. stolen a bottle of booze from a bar or membership. damaged a window. had intercourse on a replica desktop. paid for an additional day at a lodge simply because i used to be too hung over to go away via check-out time. had a lap dance. had surgical procedure. attached with anyone within the army. visible outdated devoted in individual. drove inebriated. made a brand new good friend whereas on holiday. attached WITH somebody recognized. worn the undies of the other intercourse. NAMED MY PENIS. climbed a mountain. traveled via Europe through teach. been within the water of the Atlantic Ocean. ridden on a celebration bus. needed to get stitches. had intercourse in an aircraft. performed Seven mins in Heaven. BEEN WOKEN UP through humans BEING TOO LOUD whereas HAVING intercourse. damaged right into a tuition I attended.

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