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A multifaceted reference ebook for the twenty first century, the Answer Book will fascinate with updated, authoritative, and perpetually attention-grabbing information regarding the area at the present time. From earth sciences to astronomy, from weather and habitats to human arts and cultures, from old heritage to state of the art know-how, and together with short descriptions, flags, and facts of the entire international locations of the realm, it gives you precisely the type of quick-dip details that sleek readers crave. Maps, charts, diagrams, graphs, photos, illustrations—some six hundred images in all—combine with countless numbers of quick proof and brief items at the humans, areas, flora and fauna, climate, heritage, and present occasions that subject in our global this present day. National Geographic solution Book is an important reference for college, a convenient source on the workplace, and a wonderful pick-up-and browse spouse at domestic.

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Between the Sunset and the Sea: A View of 16 British Mountains

Simon Ingram takes us excessive into Britain’s so much forbidding and wonderful wild locations via all of the seasons of the 12 months – from the 1st blush of spring to the darkest chunk of the mountain wintry weather. within the past due 18th century, mountains shifted from being universally reviled to turning into the main inspiring issues on the earth.

Distant Voices

All through his wonderful occupation as a journalist and film-maker, John Pilger has seemed in the back of the 'official' models of occasions to file the genuine tales of our time.

The centerpiece of this new, elevated variation of his bestselling far away Voices is Pilger's reporting from East Timor, which he entered secretly in 1993 and the place a 3rd of the inhabitants has died because of Indonesia's genocidal guidelines. This variation additionally comprises extra new fabric in addition to the entire unique essays - from the myth-making of the Gulf warfare to the surreal pleasures of Disneyland. Breaking during the consensual silence, Pilger can pay tribute to these dissenting voices we're seldom accredited to listen to.

The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography (12th Edition)

For classes in Human Geography.   Strengthening readers’ connection to geography via lively, discovery-based studying depended on for its timeliness, clarity, and sound pedagogy,  The Cultural panorama: An advent to Human Geography  emphasizes the relevance of geographic thoughts to human demanding situations.

Geography: A Very Short Introduction

This Very brief creation solutions 4 easy questions: what's Geography, how do geographers paintings, why is Geography vital, and the place is the self-discipline of Geography heading? Geography has continually been vital, notwithstanding it has had just a brief background as a tutorial self-discipline and is way misunderstood.

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