By Igor Stohl

Igor Stohl has chosen 50 striking video games from contemporary years and analyzed them in painstaking intensity. the following he provides his findings to chess fans, who will locate the video games wonderful and the annotations either instructive and illuminating. Stohl is an exceptional theoretical specialist, so the hole section of every online game reads like a lesson within the key strategic elements of the outlet performed, with an updated survey of present traits. The middlegame is dissected and the serious judgements subjected to scrutiny by means of an writer who invitations readers within his laboratory to hitch him in his quest for the reality. The endgame section, if reached, is dealt with with comparable erudition, with insights into the grandmaster's method of questions of approach.

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CONTENTS Contents Symbols advent 1 2 three four five 6 7 eight nine 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 forty forty-one avid gamers (White first) and occasion Gelfand – Dreev, Tilburg 1993 Benjamin – Anand, Groningen PCA 1993 Karpov – Morovi‡, Las Palmas (1) 1994 Adams – Agdestein, Oslo (2) 1994 Yusupov – Dokhoian, Bundesliga 1993/4 Gelfand – Hertneck, Munich 1994 Kasparov – P. Nikoli‡, Horgen 1994 Karpov – Salov, Buenos Aires 1994 Timman – Topalov, Moscow OL 1994 Shirov – Piket, Aruba (4) 1995 Kasparov – Anand, Riga 1995 J. Polgar – Korchnoi, Madrid 1995 Kramnik – Piket, Dortmund 1995 Kramnik – Vaganian, Horgen 1995 Shirov – Leko, Belgrade 1995 Ivanchuk – Topalov, Wijk aan Zee 1996 Khalifman – brief, Pärnu 1996 Kasparov – Anand, Amsterdam 1996 Kasparov – Kramnik, Dos Hermanas 1996 Timman – Van der Wiel, Dutch Ch 1996 Svidler – Glek, Haifa 1996 Torre – Ivanchuk, Erevan OL 1996 Tiviakov – Vasiukov, Russian Ch 1996 Illescas – Andersson, Ubeda 1997 Shirov – Yusupov, Ter Apel 1997 Salov – Illescas, Dos Hermanas 1997 Bareev – Rozentalis, Pula Echt 1997 Gelfand – Kasparov, Novgorod 1997 Van Wely – Topalov, Antwerp 1997 Kramnik – Gelfand, Belgrade 1997 Lputian – Dlugy, long island Open 1998 Krasenkow – Wahls, Bundesliga 1997/8 Kramnik – Shirov, Cazorla WCC (9) 1998 P. Nikoli‡ – Van Wely, Dutch Ch 1998 Nenashev – Georgiev, Recklinghausen 1998 Shirov – Lautier, Spanish Cht 1998 Van Wely – Morozevich, Elista OL 1998 Hra†ek – Shirov, Ostrava (3) 1998 Kasparov – Topalov, Wijk aan Zee 1999 Topalov – Kasparov, Linares 1999 Sadler – Krasenkow, Bundesliga 1998/9 five 6 beginning Semi-Slav Defence [D48] Sicilian Defence [B63] Queen’s Gambit Declined [D32] Alekhine Defence [B02] Queen’s Gambit Declined [D31] Benko Gambit [A57] French Defence [C18] Sicilian Defence [B66] King’s Indian Defence [E87] Semi-Slav Defence [D44] Evans Gambit [C51] Caro-Kann Defence [B19] Catalan commencing [E05] Queen’s Indian Defence [E12] Ruy Lopez (Spanish) [C92] English starting [A26] Queen’s Indian Defence [E12] Caro-Kann Defence [B14] Semi-Slav Defence [D48] Sicilian Defence [B31] French Defence [C07] Sicilian Defence [B22] Ruy Lopez (Spanish) [C65] Sicilian Defence [B88] Petroff Defence [C43] Slav Defence [D17] English starting [A13] Queen’s Indian Defence [E12] smooth Benoni [A70] King’s Indian Defence [E97] Queen’s Gambit permitted [D26] Bogo-Indian Defence [E11] Grünfeld Defence [D70] English commencing [A30] Benko Gambit [A59] Sicilian Defence [B30] Slav Defence [D17] Sicilian Defence [B81] Pirc Defence [B07] Sicilian Defence [B80] Queen’s Gambit Declined [D31] web page eight thirteen 20 25 31 37 forty three 50 fifty six 60 sixty six seventy one seventy six eighty two 88 ninety three ninety eight 104 111 117 123 128 134 141 146 153 158 163 171 a hundred and eighty 187 194 198 205 211 217 223 228 236 244 252 INSTRUCTIVE smooth CHESS MASTERPIECES four forty two forty three forty four forty five forty six forty seven forty eight forty nine 50 J. Polgar – Adams, Dos Hermanas 1999 Kasparov – brief, Sarajevo 1999 Topalov – Leko, Dortmund 1999 Shirov – Nisipeanu, Las Vegas KO 1999 Kasparov – the realm, web 1999 Anand – Leko, Linares 2000 Timman – J.

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