In a set of 90 annotated video games, the previous international champion demonstrates his strategic type.

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30 . . . 31 Kg3 32 RXgS+ 33 h4 24 Rn I couId no longer face up to the temptation to win a section, forgetting that "enough is pretty much as good 34 bS as a feast". A. Kubbel proven the 3S Kg2 36 Kg3 37 Kgl 38 KgI 39 Kgl 4O Kg3 such a lot unique means of constant the assault: 24 Nd5! Ra7 (24 ' " BdB 25 e7 B aJ 26 e6) 25 Ne3! g6 26 Ng4 Bd8 27 Nf6+ Ke7 28 Rd6etc. 24 . . . 25 RXe7+ Rh6 Rd2+ RXb2 Kd4 RXal Ral Ra2+ Ral Ra2+ Ral+ Ral+ the same place has been reached Having deliberate out your manner, you a few­ for the 3rd time; Black, notwithstanding, couId occasions fail to think about no matter if it's going to no longer now not declare a draw, because the rule which prevailed be greater to alter your direction. for instance, on the time of the sport was once now not of 3 why no longer play 25 Rxg7 KfS occasions repeated positions, yet of 3 instances (25 .. . RXe6 thirteen Half a Century of Chess repeated strikes or sequence of strikes in suc­ cession through either gamers. for this reason on circulation 38 I deliberately Jlya Leontevich Rabinovich (189 1-1942) besides P. Romanovsky, G. Levenfish and A. I1yin-Zhenevsky, was once a type of retreated the king to g l . besides the fact that, there's who handed on his adventure to the more youthful not anything that may be performed now to prevent a iteration in Leningrad. I had already performed draw. a few joint research of endgame positions Ral forty . . . c4 forty-one Nc7 Ke3 42Ne6+ c3 forty three Nf4 RgI+ forty four ReS forty five Ng2+ Kd3 Rhl forty six h6 Kd4 forty seven Nf4 + forty eight Rc6 c2 Rh4 forty nine Kg2 Rhl SO Kg3 Drawn. with Rabinovich. within the summer time prior to the match, I stayed in a summer season condominium at Sestroretsk, whereas I1ya Rabinovich used to be dwelling at Razliv. [ usually visited him: he was once then writing his recognized e-book Endshpil, on which many Soviet chess gamers have been pointed out. We used to envision jointly his analyses, and on infrequent events (to my nice excitement) 1 controlled to discover a few error in his diversifications. 14 GAM E 6. QUE E N'S GA M B IT M. Botvinnik G. Stoltz thirteen NXe4 fxe4 1 four Rxc7 ext1 15 RXb7 Qg5 1 6 g3 Qg4 17 Qd3! , while White retains fit Leningrad - Stockholm Stockholm, 1926 I d4 2 e4 3Ne3 4BgS five e3 6Nf3 his additional pawn, with probabilities of a winning defence. 12 . ,' thirteen RXe7 i used to be, obviously, fearful and neglected 0-0 this easy answer. Now Black's knight is definitely b6 defended and White can't play 14 Ne5. to fret, in yes 14BbS situations, one other inaccuracy. After 14 Be2! Qd6 approximately his pawn on h7. White may have 15 Qcl exf3 1 6 Bxf3 Ba6 1 7 Bxa8 BXf l performed, for instance: 7 cxd5 NXd5 eight Bxe7 1 eight Rxa7 the probabilities may were even. Qxe7 nine Nxd5 exd5 10 Rei Be6 1 1 Bd3, with the specter of 12 Qc2, attacking simul­ 14. . . taneously c7 and h7. even if, i wished After 1 four .. . Qd6 15 RXc8 most well liked to increase swiftly my items. eight Bel3 90-0 15 Bb7 Nbd7 Ne4 he Qd5) may have had IS Qxf3 the Qd6 15 ... Rb8 used to be beneficial, even though after 10 Bf4 ends up in extra complex play. (By the way in which, this threat wouldn't have been to be had to White had sixteen Qc6 Rd8 1 7 Rxa7 White may have retained the virtue. sixteen Qe6! 6 . . . h6 7 BM been inserted. ) Now Black has an excellent online game.

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