By Greg A. Vaughan

Guarding an day trip into the private recesses of a perilous jungle isn't any walk in the park. whilst that jungle occurs to be the house of the Gorilla King, the task is downright lethal! River into Darkness is a desert experience for low-level characters, suitable with the world's hottest myth roleplaying video game, and a part of the GameMastery Module line. GameMastery Modules additionally contain 4 pre-made characters so gamers can leap correct into the motion and full-color maps and handouts to reinforce play.

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Data Str 10, Dex 14, Con thirteen, Int sixteen, Wis 12, Cha eight Base Atk +3; Grp +3 Feats Alertness (when wide-spread inside arm’s reach), Empower Spell, Eschew fabrics, Scribe Scroll, ability concentration (Concentration), Spell concentration (necromancy), Weapon Finesse talents focus +14, international relations +3, Forgery +6, Heal +8, wisdom (arcana) +13, wisdom (nature) +7, hear +6, Spellcraft +15, Spot +4 Languages universal, Draconic, Elven, Polygot SQ summon established (bat named Cetacarp) wrestle equipment potion of get rid of ailment, wand of colour spray (12 charges), wand of observe magic (37 charges), three vials of arsenic; different apparatus bracers of armor +1, cloak of resistance +1, four darts, healer’s equipment (7 makes use of remaining), masterwork sickle, ring of undergo components, ring of safeguard +1, key to quarter 6, and a pouch with 3 tiger eye agates worthy a hundred gp each one, 12 black onyx gem stones worthy 25 gp every one, and 22 gp. Spellbook All spells above plus 0—all; 1st—cause worry, understand languages, undergo parts, determine, magic weapon, surprising seize; 2nd—command undead, fog cloud, fox’s crafty, face up to power, rope trick; 3rd—daylight, dispel magic, fireball; 4th—contagion The Ekujae The Ekujae is a big tribe of untamed elves who stay basically within the northern reaches of the Mwangi Expanse, notwithstanding they do settle farther south sporadically. The tribe is constructed from dozens of inter-related clans that quantity a number of thousand participants altogether, even though those clans regularly dwell in small remoted villages with merely rare touch. just a drawback of a few variety can rally the clans jointly for a time. The Ekujae carry to their very own own codes of honor, however it is overseas to many different peoples. they can be categorized as savages by means of the unknowing, who interpret prerequisites of survival within the jungle as “barbaric” practices. The Ekujae have a powerful oral culture that they're the remnants of a very good civilization left in the back of to stand a few nice Darkness that threatened the area. they don't know any 26 specifics of this historical legend, yet stay a really warlike humans in training for the day they're once more known as forth to struggle. a few of the intricacies in their traditions create powerful taboos inside of their tribe, which they don't violate. Their lifeless needs to be ready for burial in a different ritual or turn into unclean instruments of the Darkness. hence, any Ekujae corpse that doesn't obtain its consecrated burial inside of 1 day turns into anathema, and no member of the tribe ways inside of 30 ft of it. furthermore, the Ekujae by no means input a cave, as they suspect that's the place the Darkness at present dwells. The Ekujae are wild elves exact in all respects to the wooden elves defined within the MM, yet they've got the facility to camouflage themselves to exploit their jungle domestic. The Ekujae may be able to use the plantlife in their atmosphere with such ability as that allows you to bind branches and leaves to their garments and limbs to create camouflaging coverings of greenery. they need to renew those regularly during the day, yet this overlaying presents them a +2 condition bonus on cover tests whereas in typical atmosphere.

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