By Tim Hitchcock

Whilst a close-by dungeon starts off to cough out hordes of the hungry useless, a band of heroes is termed as much as repel the risk ahead of the within reach city is actually swallowed up via the tide. Will someone be capable of cease this grim banquet? Hungry are the lifeless is a dungeon event set within the Pathfinder Chronicles environment, and is acceptable for mid-level characters.

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Upon nearer inspection, the spheres are literally disembodied eyeballs stacked so deep you can’t really see the ground. With a terrible live performance of sliding, squishing noises, the eyeballs someway flip to stare at you. five. extra Gears (EL five) The eyeballs have been as soon as baked clay, a part of an odd magical capture. The burst of power from the damaged Seal switched over them all to animate flesh. The eyeballs are alive yet can't assault; every one has 1 hit element. They rotate to monitor computers close to them yet haven't any offensive or shielding skills. a lot of the ground lower than the eyeballs is riddled with 10-foot-deep pits, all of that are full of eyeballs; the non-pit components are lined to a intensity of one foot with eyes and slime. Shallow components are thought of tricky terrain (each sq. counts as squares of movement), and deep parts are thought of quicksand (see sidebar). A small hand-crank within the northeast nook opens or closes the door-wall to zone five. starting or ultimate the door from this aspect takes two times so long as the mechanism in sector five. there's no locking mechanism in this aspect, even though the desktops may well strength a protect, desk, or comparable item less than the wheel to jam it in position and retain the wall from relocating. Creature: The leaking strength from the Seal combined with the parent magically certain to this room’s capture and created a gibbering mouther which now lurks buried less than the eyeballs close to the heart of the room. Stone walls divide this chamber right into a sequence of interconnected rectangular-shaped rooms. fastened to numerous areas at the partitions and ground, nice iron gears spin slowly. towards the again of the room a 5-foot-diameter wood turnstile blocks a shallow alcove. Creatures: A small patrol of festrogs actively wander this chamber. once the monsters notice intruders they cost in for the kill. Festrogs (6) CR 1 hp thirteen; see Appendix advancements: The turnstile feels jammed, although a DC 20 seek cost uncovers a locking mechanism. A DC 20 Open Lock money or DC 25 Disable equipment money makes the turnstile operable. Cranking the turnstile in both course rotates a 10-foot-square component to the granite wall, allowing entry to the remainder of the dungeon; making a gap for a Small creature takes 1 complete around of turning the equipment, 2 complete rounds to permit a Medium creature to move, and three complete rounds to open it thoroughly. remaining the door takes the same quantity of time as beginning it. Gibbering Mouther hp forty two; MM 126 15 CR five module D4 candle in each one of his outstretched fingers. a suite of double doorways hangs at the some distance wall; an inscription is above them. strategies earlier than strive against The noise of the turnstile door in region 6 is loud adequate that the mouther knows the desktops’ arrival. It instantly makes use of its flooring manipulation skill to melt the within sight non-pit components. in the course of wrestle The mouther attempts to grapple and engulf an opponent, then flow to the ground of a pit to complete off its prey. If characters pursue it, it keeps to assault the grappled creature and all others from the ground of the pit (its 22 structure skill it might probably carry its breath for longer than such a lot characters).

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