By Michael Kortes

The ruined pyramid tombs of the traditional emperor-gods of Osirion are eventually open to exploration and the race is directly to plumb their depths and rescue their valuable treasures. Entombed with the Pharaohs is a desolate tract experience for mid-level characters, suitable with the world's hottest myth roleplaying online game, and a part of the GameMastery module line. the journey contains info at the urban of Sothis and the traditional tomb that lies close by, in addition to information on rival adventurers bent on attending to the treasure first. GameMastery Modules additionally comprise 4 pre-made characters so gamers can leap correct into the motion and full-color maps and handouts to augment play. Do your heroes have the desire and the wits to outlive the pyramid-tomb of the pharaohs and the power to fend off the hoard of treasure-seekers sizzling on their path?

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A laptop can tail him, with out gaining or wasting flooring, via succeeding with a moment Spot money opposed to Xaven’s conceal fee. to shut in on Xaven, a computer should also win a contested get away Artist fee as they either try to squeeze in the course of the crowd. enable a computer to alternative a energy fee for his get away Artist roll if he needs to shove bystanders out of ways. If captured, Xaven surrenders, hoping Lonicera can subtly organize for his break out at a later time. The halfling is infuriatingly wisdom (history): The 4 Pharaohs of Ascension DC five: throughout the 3rd age of the black sphinx, historical Osirion used to be, for a time, governed by way of a union of 4 feuding pharaohs often called the 4 Pharaohs of Ascension. DC 10: The 4 Pharaohs of Ascension have been Anok Fero, the Cerulean Pharaoh; Hetshepsu, the Fiend Pharaoh; Ankana, the Radiant Pharaoh; and the Pharaoh of Numbers, who’s actual identify is misplaced to time. even supposing every one introduced diverse strengths to the union, all have been equivalent. DC 15: Legends say the 4 Pharaohs of Ascension have been certain by means of a mystical pact that intertwined their fates: they lived jointly, governed jointly, and have been fated to die jointly. DC 20: The 4 Pharaohs of Ascension are a well-liked topic of analysis through Osirionologists from the devil-influenced country of Cheliax. The tyranny of the 4 Pharaohs is whatever of an thought to Chelish loyalists. DC 25: The Pharaoh of Numbers was once either an astronomer and an architect. His ardour was once his research of the far-off planet Aucturn, and a few legends declare Aucturn encouraged the magic that fueled the pharaohs’ binding pact and its impression infused the layout of the pyramid that now entombs the our bodies of the 4 pharaohs. unapologetic, mentioning, “All is reasonable in love and tomb raiding. ” discovering the masks Armed with the information that they wish the masks, the computers needs to now search for it. The masks is basically within the vault of the Black Reliquary, the non-public antiquities selection of the criminal Bearer, the son of the very service provider to whom Raegos offered it fifty six years in the past. To complicate issues, an almost ideal copy of the masks sits within the Sothis Exhibitory. the next record bargains attainable tools in which the computers may possibly try and music down the masks. • A DC 15 assemble info payment turns up that the (false) masks is found within the Exhibitory, yet now not the truth that it’s a duplicate. A DC 25 fee is needed to 7 Entombed with the Pharaohs it might be the Arch Docent of the Sothis Exhibitory. If the desktops attempt to stopover at the Arch Docent on the Exhibitory, they speedy observe the (replica) masks on reveal. If the desktops then meet with him, query him concerning the masks, and make a DC 15 international relations fee, he admits that his is a pretend and the genuine merchandise continues to be within the arms of his maximum rival, regardless of all his makes an attempt to acquire it. half 2: Pursuit of the masks within the adventure’s moment half, the computers locate themselves making plans a heist of both the Sothis Exhibitory or the vault of the Black Reliquary. however, the computers may perhaps mastermind a plan to show the tables at the Expeditionary and get well the masks from their competitors after the Expeditionary undertakes the danger of buying it for them.

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