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17 39. A Scythian cares for his spouse (on a vase from Koul-Oba within the Crimea) 266 M i n n s 1913 forty. Servants ready on tables: Persepolis (small staircase south of the Tripylon) 292 G h i r s h m a n 1957: fig. five forty-one. choice of Achaemenid vessels 295 Rozcnbcrg 1993 . figs. four , 6 , nine forty two. canine utilized in the search and in conflict by way of the Assyrians 299 Perrot and C h i p i e z forty three. Achaemenid jewellery 306 M u s c h e 1992: CXIV, l . l l j C V I I , 1. eleven; CIV, 6 three. three forty four. Statue of Udjahoresnet 473 2 C A H I V , fig. 20 forty five. Stela of the Apis that died in 518 480 2 C A H I V , fig. 21 forty six. Egyptian votive stela 483 2 C A H I V , fig. 22 forty seven. a few Babylonian seal impressions, from Cyrus to Xerxes 486 Graziani 1989 forty eight. Inscribed sarcophagus of Esmunazzar 490 xiv checklist of Illustrations forty nine. reduction from construction G at Xanthus and Persepolis reliefs 504 (a)Tritsch 1942; ( b - c ) Koch 1992 50. Sidonian cash, Samarian cash, and comparable facts 606 ( a - b ) Sidonian cash: Perrot and C h i p i e z V, figs. 511-512; (c) Cypro-Phoenician silver bowl (Childs 1978: fig. 29); ( d - e ) Samarian cash (Meshorer and Q c d a r 1991: 2 nos. forty eight and 17), (f) port scene on a Treasury pill from Persepolis ( C A H I V , fig. 3); (g) Assyrian king in chariot; (h) satrap or dynast on a satrap's sarcophagus (Kleeman 1958: Taf. 32a) fifty one. Dynastic(? ) coinage from Cilicia 611 Perrot and C h i p i e z V, fig. 517 fifty two. Coin with Aramaic inscription of the identify of Tarkumuwa 667 Shahbazi 1980b; fig. 121 fifty three. Monument of the Nereids at Xanthus: (a) viewers scene; (b-d) ceremonial dinner scenes 671 FdX, VIII, pis. XXXII, LVI, L X , L I X fifty four. Parade on Pericles' monument at Limyra 673 Borchhardt 1976b fifty five. Persian aid from Paphlagonia 699 D o n e e ! a n d V o u t e 1984 fifty six. "Greco-Persian" gadgets from Dascylium seven hundred 2 (a) Kleemann 1958: Taf. 33a; ( b - c ) C A H I V , fig. 12a, c fifty seven. Seal bearing the identify of Manes 704 Masson 1987a fifty eight. Xanthus Trilingual Inscription {FdX VI, 1974) 708 fifty nine. Cilician civic cash 710 Perrot and C h i p i e z V, figs. 514 and 519 60. Persian reduction discovered close to Kayseri 712 after Bittel 1952 sixty one. cash from Samaria and sealings from the Wadi ed-Daliyeh 715 Meshorer and Qedar 1991 - ( a ) no. forty-one; (b) no. 50; (c) no. sixteen; (d) no. 14; (e) no fifty eight (f-g) Leith, Wadi Daliyeh I (1990) W D 17 sixty two. a few Murasu seals 722 Legiain 1925 sixty three. Tomb of Artaxerxes II (reconstruction) 734 Flandin and C o s t e III, pi. 166 sixty four. Unfinished tomb at Persepolis 735 Flandin and C o s t e 111, pi. 162 sixty five. Plan of a qanat (showing profile and vertical perspectives) Goblot 1963 807 Preface to the English Translation The textual content of the booklet that's awarded right here to English-speaking readers differs little or no from the French variation released via variations Fayard in June, 1996. but through the first degree within the technique of translation, within the past due 1996 and early 1997,1 had was hoping to make systematic variations and additions to the unique textual content in a manner that took ac­ count number of guides which had seemed after the most recent revisions to the French manu­ script, in September 1995.

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