By Daniel Pyne

An electrifying mystery that asks the question:

What if a guy is taken into the Federal Witness safeguard software opposed to his will?

And what if he doesn’t even be aware of what he’s speculated to know?

Jay Johnson is a thirtysomething man with a task in cell revenues, a standard pickup basketball video game, and a faithful female friend he turns out able to marry. Then he’s kidnapped, tranquilized, and interrogated, and his whole existence background is obliterated. he's now formally in witness defense. What did he see? What negative crime—or criminal—is he holding mystery? It needs to be anything exceptionally big.

Unfortunately, Jay has no clue what it is.

Convinced that the govt has made a vast mistake, Jay is involuntarily relocated to a neighborhood on Catalina Island, which seems to be inhabited more often than not by means of different secure witnesses. remoted in a global of strangers, Jay starts to achieve that the one means out is thru the twisted maze of lies and unreliable thoughts swirling via his personal brain. If he can locate—or invent—a repressed reminiscence that may fulfill the Feds, perhaps he could make it again to the mainland and his very good, empty, unexamined life....

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No,” Jay tells him. “You made up a narrative. So did they. So did I—” —A bladed mirrored image stares again at him (or he thinks it does), cropped, distorted (as it has to be), as though illusory (in designated reduction from the immobile moil of the strip bar), a face stuck, for one very unlikely undying immediate in— “—But I don’t be aware of whatever, really,” Jay says. “Neither do you. Neither do they. You don’t understand. ” Jay’s came across the security together with his thumb, yet has no proposal even if he’s sliding it on or off. “Nobody is aware whatever. ” “Jay,” Public says, nearer, yet Jay’s afraid to seem clear of Dunn to determine simply how shut, “step away and permit us—” “Jay? ” Ginger interrupts sharply, “Put it down, Jay. ” in additional excessive weeds and cattails, at the fringe of the tidal basin, she has a gun, too—Jay appears to be like to her and thinks, Jesus, what motion picture am I in? simply because her gun is geared toward Jay, unfaltering, two-handed, a true marshal. and prefer she ability it. There are tears in her eyes. Mouthing the phrases, “Put the gun down,” as Public shouts the very same phrases at Jay from his place, his voice hedged towards impatience. Bait, Jay recollects. And all of sudden he is familiar with that if he simply had a bit extra time, if he may simply imagine a bit tougher, longer, he'll comprehend the swap he’s felt in her as they hurtled to this second. yet he’s nonetheless confident she won’t shoot him. So he pivots, again to his correct, and goals his gun at Public, who’s drifted down knee-deep into the swamp water one of the Mexican rush. shut. Public’s gun is aimed again at Jay. So. Stalemate. “Shoot him,” Dunn says to Jay, that means Public. Ginger’s voice is calm. “Jay? No. ” “SHOOT HIM! ” “Don’t . . . ” Public starts, “A guy received killed . . . ” Jay shakes his head. “A lady. ” “All right . . . ” Dunn says, “He’s gonna kill us either. ” “. . . a lady obtained killed, and also you observed who pulled the set off. ” “Did I? ” The helicopter cyclones, twisting vivid mild bending. “Shut UP! ” Dunn screams at Public. “—WELL,” Public is shouting, too, over the din of the rotors, “SOMEBODY observed whatever. ” Jay says, “I observed a lady die. ” “Put the gun down,” Ginger says to him, metal underneath silk, “put it down and stroll away. ” “HE’S ROGUE, guy! ” Dunn is drifting broad, dividing Jay’s already divided realization. “I’M FBI, THIS GUY’S a nasty MARSHAL—we have been ONTO HIM and—” “—Jay? ” “THE useless MAN . . . ” Public holds forth like he’s giving a deposition, the professional model of anything. “. . . was once A FEDERAL WITNESS WHO definite COMPROMISED govt members sought after SILENCED—” “Derp derp derp,” Dunn jeers. Or is it only a new tale Public is making an attempt out? “He’s mendacity. ” Jay appears at Ginger, her gun aimed correct at him, and he frowns, resigned, confounded. Which a part of which existence is that this? He shall we his gun fall to his part. “—YOU observed THE SHOOTER—” Jay smiles oddly. Time slows, pulsing with the helicopter’s whorple-roar: Public, correct, nearly in the back of him now, relocating in sluggish movement, and Dunn, left, diverse time aircraft, average, equivalent and contrary, placing Jay among himself and— “—Do you like me? ” Ginger, motionless, asks in a whisper that Jay is familiar with he can’t probably pay attention.

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