By Nick Land

Level 1, or world-space, is an anthropomorphically scaled, predominantly vision-configured, vastly multi-slotted truth process that's obsolescing very rapidly.
rubbish time is operating out.
Can what's enjoying you're making it to point 2?

Fanged Noumena assembles for the 1st time the writings of Nick Land, variously defined as 'rabid nihilism', 'mad black Deleuzianism', accelerationism , and 'cybergothic'. Wielding weaponised, machinically-recombined types of Deleuze and Guattari, Reich and Freud, within the corporation of fellow werewolves akin to Nietzsche, Bataille, Artaud, Trakl and Cioran, to a cut-up soundtrack of Bladerunner, Terminator and Apocalypse Now, Land plotted a carefully schizophrenic get away course out of educational philosophy, and declared all-out battle at the Human safety method. regardless of his disappearance , Land s output has been a vital underground impact either on contemporary Speculative Realist proposal, and on artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers invigorated by way of his uncompromising and abrasive philosophical vision.

Beginning with Land's radical rereadings of Heidegger, Nietzsche and Kant, and finishing with Professor Barker s cosmic conception of geo-trauma and neo-qabbalistic makes an attempt to formulate a numerical anti-language, Fanged Noumena rescues from obscurity papers, talks and articles a few of that have by no means formerly seemed in print. lengthy the topic of hearsay and obscure legend, Land s turbulent post-genre theory-fictions of cybercapitalist meltdown smear cyberpunk, philosophy, mathematics, poetics, cryptography, anthropology, grammatology and the occult into unrecognisable and gripping hybrids.

Fanged Noumena is a dizzying journey via Land's rigorous, incisive and provocative paintings, developing it as an vital source for substantially inhuman idea within the twenty-first century.

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From Land's preliminary characterisation o f the progressive activity as certainly one of pushing capitalism to the purpose of its car ­ dissolution through t h e entire dis-inhibition of effective synthesis - a dis-inhibition asserting the convergence of social construction and cosmic schizophrenia p roclaimed in Anti-Oedipus - we arrive on the blunt admission that there i s no foreseeable 'beyond' to the ' limitless' enlargement o f capitalism (since capitalism is 'beyondness' a s such) . The tactical include of limitless deregulation, marketisation, forty seven EDITORS ' I NTRODUCTION commodification, and privatisation, as vectors of social dcterritorialization, it sounds as if flips over right into a com­ placent reputation of actually-existing capitalist social relatives predicated on a transcendental and empirically unfalsifiable dedication to capitalism's inexhaustible capability for innovation, which just a 'transcendental miserabilist' could dare question: Capitalism [ . . . ] has no exterior restrict, it has fed on existence and organic intelligence to create a brand new lifestyles and a brand new aircraft of intelligence, tremendous past human anticipation. The Transcendental Miserabilist has an inalienable correct to be bored, o f direction. name this new? it is nonetheless not anything yet switch . right here Land's rebuttal o f 'left miserabilism' insists on capitalism's cutting edge efficiency while his personal paintings casts doubt upon the potential of sharply dis-intricating reterritorializing swap from deterritorialized novelty. If stratification is a cosmic instead of a sociocultural concern, then on what grounds can one continue that capitalism uniquely between terrestrial phenomena harbours the unheard of ability to liberate the strata? Land had tied the ' aesthetic operation' to matter's dis­ ruptive potencies, and lauded capitalism's new release of synthetic sensoria as an amplification of the area of the difficult. but as soon as the disruptions of sensation are forty eight EDITORS ' advent visible to be hemmed-in via the ubiquity of stratic synthesi s , this top rate o n problematising subversion is vitiated via the realisation that, no matter what is still stricken by means of capitalism's allegedly inexhaustible disruptive efficiency, its very susceptibility to disturbance guarantees its subjection to an inexpugnable residue of stratification. Now himself domiciled in ' neo-China', Land's jour­ nalistic writings for the China put up and different courses would appear to point that he has relinquished his previous, feverish pursuit of get away, and is content material to advertise a gIo b­ best friend ascendant Sino-capitalism. this is Land's impressively speculative contextualisation of the 2010 Shanghai global Expo in a up to date guidebook: Modernity's ceaseless, cumulative switch defies each pre-existing development, forsaking balance with out embracing the better order of an excellent cycle or the s imple vacation spot of an eschatological end. even if setting up whatever like a brand new nor· mality, i t departs decisively from any type of regular kingdom. It screens waves and rhythms, however it subsumes such cycles, instead of succumbing to them.

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