By Donald Dunbar

Eyelid Lick is borne out of person psychedelic event right into a global of streaming conversation. those free, runny poems search intimacy via testimonial. there is the feeling of the lick, and the feeling of being licked, and if either humans recognize one another adequate either side of the lick could be felt.


Not hate, now not no strength to discover them lovable, or captivating, or issues. simply because there is going to be a child within the yard. and as the lambs hold low within the trees.

I am so no longer fucking round. Like a reputation strangling its physique, i'm going to omit it, too. i'm going to say something, after which thoroughly disregard it. i'm going to remind you of whatever recognized to every body: shall we have got away with loads more.

Donald Dunbar lives in Portland, Oregon, the place he co-curates the studying sequence If now not For Kidnap and teaches poetry to destiny cooks at Oregon Culinary Institute.

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