By Ali Azhar Arastu - XKP

This e-book has been divided into five segments which were additional divided into diverse parts.

The first phase defines the that means of Shia and talks concerning the various sects in the Shias and additional divides Ismailis and talks concerning the sects inside of them. It additionally discusses a few of the Ismaili/Fatimid Imams (the Ismaili Imams after Imam al-Sadiq (as)[1] and it questions the authenticity of the Ismaili Imams and questions the actual fact in the event that they have been divinely appointed.

The moment section of the e-book offers with the significance of following the precise chain and the necessity to stick to the rightful Imams after the Holy Prophet (sawa)[2] additionally discusses the traditions of the Holy Prophet (sawa) concerning his successors (as) and his traditions concerning Imam al-Mahdi, the 12th Holy Imam (May Allah hasten his reappearance). additionally clarifies a few doubts that one can have concerning the occultation of Imam al-Mahdi (as).

The 3rd phase discusses approximately an excellent Imam and the characteristics we must always count on from him after which addresses of the Ithna Ashari Imams after Imam al-Sadiq (as), their designation, what has been stated approximately them not just through Shias but in addition by means of Ahle Sunna.

The fourth phase offers with the impression of following the incorrect chain and its outcomes on their deeds. moreover, one of many Bohra Jurisprudential matters (Bohra Calendar and the moon sighting) is scrutinized in detail.



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It's a colossal deal. Please take this factor very heavily and perform a little research. This international as we all know is transitority. we're being established. the true existence is the hereafter. i do know that paintings retains us busy. we have to have a stability. we have to take out time for Allah (swt). we have to search closeness to Allah (swt). as a way to search closeness to Him, we have to think in the entire Messengers and stick with our Prophet (sawa) and all of the Imams (as). As we all know, Risalat[207] and Imamat are either very important, simply because they either are a part of the rules of faith. As consistent with our trust, at the Day of Judgment, we'll be known as with our Imams; if during this global, we believed within the rightful Imams, those that the Holy Prophet (sawa) declared by means of the order of Allah, then we will be referred to as with them. differently, God forbid, if we had the inaccurate imams, then we are going to be of their team. So we certainly do have to perform a little severe learn and use our mind and choose. we must always study with none bias and we should always be cautious once we come across the reality simply because humans react to the reality in numerous methods. a few understand the reality, yet because of social pressures, they don't settle for the reality. To them, society is extra very important than the observe of the Almighty. they believe that they are going to reside during this international ceaselessly and view the worldly issues and adhere to the earth. a few say this stuff don't subject so long as we pray and quick and visit Hajj and so forth. it is a improper trust! I repeat that devil worshipped Allah (swt) like nobody else. the single mistaken factor he did was once to disobey one command of Allah (swt), while he refused to do Sajda[207] to Adam (as). devil refused to obey just one command of Allah (swt), and the entire years of his worship have been nullified and he used to be thrown out of the dominion of mercy. Allah (swt) wishes us to worship Him the best way he desires to be worshipped. we must always quite think about in this. the matter with us, Muslims, is that we choose and select. The issues which are effortless to do or are socially applicable, or are ecocnomic, we settle for them; the * * * [206]Prophethood [207]Prostrate ones that we don't are looking to do for a few cause, we reject or justify. the matter with us Muslims is that we don't undergo His legislation. a few say that it doesn't subject what we think so long as we do righteous deeds. If one does righteous deeds with no trust, is that adequate? What are the righteous deeds? within the Holy Quran, at any time when we see the point out of righteous deeds, it's observed by means of trust in just about all the ayahs. for instance in Suratul Bayyinat verse 7: اِنَّ الَّذِيْنَ اٰمَنُوْا وَعَمِلُوا الصّٰلِحٰتِ۝۰ۙ اُولٰۗىِٕكَ ہُمْ خَيْرُ الْبَرِيَّۃِ۝۷ۭ those that believe and do righteous deeds, - they're the easiest of creatures. [208] one other instance, Suratul Baqarah verse eighty two: وَالَّذِيْنَ اٰمَنُوْا وَعَمِلُوا الصّٰلِحٰتِ اُولٰۗىِٕكَ اَصْحٰبُ الْجَنَّۃِ۝۰ۚ ھُمْ فِيْہَا خٰلِدُوْنَ۝۸۲ۧ and people who believe and do righteous deeds, they will be the population of paradise; they shall stay in it (forever).

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