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Best-selling DOSAGE CALCULATIONS, ninth version beneficial properties the three-step method of simple and complicated formulation strategy calculations that nursing and different overall healthiness care execs desire, in addition to a reader-friendly writing variety and convenient "work textual content" structure. as well as easing readers into the mathematics with a radical evaluate, the booklet makes use of a logic-based procedure to construct self assurance and restrict nervousness. that includes full-color photos of drug labels, severe considering tests, wide medical examples, and a number of interactive vitamins, together with an accompanying on-line educational, DOSAGE CALCULATIONS, ninth version presents the abilities had to grasp dosage calculations in any medical atmosphere!

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Three g ϭ __________ kg ____________________ 2. thirteen t ϭ __________ mL ____________________ three. 15 mL ϭ __________ fl oz. ____________________ 1 four. 2 2 fl ounces ϭ __________ mL ____________________ five. 750 mL ϭ __________ qt ____________________ 6. 20 mL ϭ __________ t ____________________ 7. four T ϭ __________ mL ____________________ eight. nine kg ϭ __________ lb ____________________ nine. 250 lb ϭ __________ kg ____________________ 10. three L ϭ __________ qt ____________________ eleven. fifty five kg ϭ __________ lb ____________________ 12. 12 in ϭ __________ cm ____________________ thirteen. 2 qt ϭ __________ L ____________________ 14. three t ϭ __________ mL ____________________ 15. ninety nine lb ϭ __________ kg ____________________ sixteen. 1 pt ϭ __________ mL ____________________ 17. 12 cups ϭ 18. 1. five m ϭ 1 __________ mL ____________________ __________ toes ____________________ 19. 30 cm ϭ __________ in ____________________ 20. 60 mL ϭ __________ fl oz. ____________________ 108 part 2 dimension platforms, Drug Orders, and Drug Labels 21. 32 in ϭ __________ cm ____________________ 22. 350 mm ϭ __________ in ____________________ 23. 7. five cm ϭ __________ in ____________________ 24. 2 in ϭ __________ mm ____________________ 25. forty kg ϭ __________ lb ____________________ 26. 7. sixteen kg ϭ __________ lb ____________________ 27. one hundred ten lb ϭ __________ kg ____________________ 28. three. five kg ϭ __________ lb ____________________ 29. sixty three lb ϭ __________ kg ____________________ 1 30. A infant child is 21 2 inches lengthy. Her size is __________ cm. 31. The label for a granular medication recommends blending it with a minimum of a hundred and twenty mL of water or juice. on the time of discharge, the nurse should still recommend the sufferer to combine the medication with __________ fluid ounce(s) or __________ cup(s) of water or juice. 32. A sufferer who weighs 250 lb begins a weight loss software with a aim of wasting 10 lb earlier than the following doctor’s appointment. on the subsequent place of work stopover at, the sufferer is weighed at 108 kg. Has the sufferer met the weight loss objective? __________ 33. Calculate the full fluid consumption in mL for twenty-four hours. Breakfast eight fl ounces milk 6 fl oz. orange juice four fl oz. water with medicine Lunch eight fl oz. iced tea Snack 10 fl oz. espresso four fl oz. gelatin dessert Dinner eight fl oz. water 6 fl oz. tomato juice 6 fl oz. pork broth Snack five fl oz. pudding 12 fl ounces vitamin soda four fl oz. water with medicine overall ϭ __________ mL 34. a toddler who weighs fifty five lb is to obtain zero. 05 mg of a drug in keeping with kg of bodyweight in line with dose. How a lot of the drug should still the kid obtain for every dose? __________ mg 35. a toddler is taking 12 mL of a medicine four instances consistent with day. If the entire bottle includes sixteen fluid oz. of the drugs, what percentage days will the bottle final? __________ day(s) 36. The health care professional prescribes 10 mL of Betadine focus in 480 mL of hot water as a soak for a finger an infection. utilizing measures in most cases present in the house, how might you educate the sufferer to arrange the answer? ____________________________________________________________ 37.

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