By Vincent Dutrait

Fallow and deserted for years, Bloodsworn Vale has lengthy been a perilous wooden keeping apart kingdoms. a up to date call-to-arms asks adventurers from all over the world to set up a alternate course via this darkish and forboding woodland. Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale is a mid-level desolate tract event written by way of Jason Bulmahn that pits gamers opposed to the evil fey tribes of the Vale. simply the valiant and smart can defeat the fey - yet will you be shrewdpermanent adequate to damage their grasp?

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In this assembly, he is going over the entire solid (and undesirable) issues they complete and offers them their rewards for aiding the folk of Korvosa open this important alternate course. Assuming issues went good, he would favor for them to stick within the Bloodsworn Vale to aid continue it and hold it secure from extra threats. Their promised gift is determined by how good they played throughout the experience, in accordance with this chart. aPPenDiX a: castle thOrn fortress Thorn is a small neighborhood close to the sting of an enormous untamed desert. even though its commander, Sir Tolgrith, hopes someday to make it self-sufficient, it at the moment relies on a gentle move of caravans for provisions and different uncomplicated offers. The citadel is a walled neighborhood surrounded through a 20-foot-tall palisade of tree trunks, upended and carved to some degree. past this safety there's not anything yet barren region. Tall timber and never-ending thickets of untamed rose timber conceal a lot of the encircling terrain. There aren't any farms or outlying structures affiliated with the castle. Any who reside outdoor its partitions are hermits, monsters, or worse. fortress tHorn Hamlet traditional (ruling lord); aL NG gP restrict a hundred gp; resources 500 gp DEMOGRAPHics inhabitants a hundred style remoted (human 95%, halfling 3%, elf 1%, half-elf 1%) AUTHORiTy FiGUREs Sir gyrad tolgrith, NG male human fighter 4/ranger 2 (appointed Lord of the Fort); father apar, LG male human cleric five (cleric of Erastil); Bellar graysalk, LN male human professional 2 (proprietor of barren region Wares); orrend, cG male halfling specialist three (owner of the Boar’s Bones); Partik Kinbond, cG male human specialist four (owner of Partik’s Forge). A1. Gatehouse simply outdoors the partitions of fortress Thorn is a small construction manned via a couple of guards. those guards query somebody arriving on the castle and wave to the guards atop the gatehouse to open the gate. Gyres Politan (NG male human fighter 3), an outdated soldier lacking one in all his arms, quite often runs this put up. If allowed to talk, he gladly tells the story of the vicious troll that took his lacking appendage in a single grotesque chew. At evening, this small construction is empty. 4 infantrymen function the gatehouse itself through the day, whereas continue watch at evening after the doorways have closed. The guards in simple terms enable access after darkish if the viewers are anticipated or are recognized participants of the group. A2. The Lord’s Stables those huge stables residence the entire horses owned by means of the castle, together with 1 heavy warhorse, 2 gentle warhorses, three heavy horses, and four gentle horses. The stables are occupied by means of a couple of squaddies through the day and watched over by means of the guards within the gatehouse at evening. At any given aspect, guards experience three or four of those horses out within the valley as a part of a survey or paintings workforce. Sir Tolgrith may be confident to mortgage out a few of these horses if the necessity is excellent (such as within the safety of the fort). A3. preserve other than the shrine, fortress Thorn’s retain is the single different stone development on the town. this huge two-story constitution is domestic to Sir Gyrad Tolgrith (NG male human fighter 4/ranger 2) and all of his males.

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