By Ruth Brown

Coffee hasn't ever been better--or cooler!

Ever ask yourself what is going into making the correct cup of espresso? there is extra to it than you think that, and a brand new breed of espresso nerds has remodeled the inexpensive, gritty sludge your mom and dad drink into the best nutrition development round, with an obsessive dedication to sourcing, roasting, and instruction that has taken the drink to scrumptious new heights.

Coffee Nerd info the background at the back of the beans and is helping you navigate the interesting and infrequently intimidating new wave of espresso. From discovering imprecise eastern brewing apparatus to recipes and methods for brewing remarkable espresso at domestic, you will raise your geek cred--and find a entire new global of espresso possibilities.

Whether you're looking to refine your French-press recipe or simply cannot live to tell the tale a morning and not using a hand made latte, this publication is certain to stimulate you as you pore over the paintings of getting ready a very delicate cup of coffee.

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But at least now you know what that clicking sound is. HAND GRINDERS Hand-cranked grinders are awesome. They use burrs, they’re relatively cheap, they’re highly portable, and they let you see the basic mechanics of coffee grinding in action. The catch is that you have to power them with your own bare hands, a process that is both tedious and surprisingly exhausting. Look, in the long run, you don’t want to be using a hand grinder for the majority of your coffee making. Imagine bringing a date home “for coffee,” then spending the next twenty minutes frantically turning a crank like a speed-addled hurdy-gurdy player. But if you simply can’t afford a good electric burr grinder, a hand grinder is still preferable to a blade grinder or buying pre-ground coffee. And making coffee will become such a pain in the ass, it will give you more incentive to beg, borrow, or steal to get the money for something better. A hand mill will set you back anywhere from $40 to $100. The more expensive ones tend to have wood and metal cases, while the cheaper ones are housed in plastic, but both actually work really well. They come in stepped and stepless models, and with flat and conical burrs, but obviously they are all non-dosing—you’ll know when you’ve ground enough because your arm will get sore and you’ll say, “Good enough. ” Beans Making coffee requires coffee beans. See Chapter 6 for information about where and how to buy them—and buy good ones. Scales You can’t bake a nice loaf of bread or become a successful drug dealer without a good scale. But can you make good coffee without weighing everything first? Let’s go back to that nice loaf of bread. As most professional bakers will tell you, the biggest mistake most people make when making bread or cake at home is measuring their ingredients by volume (in a measuring cup or spoon) instead of by weight (on a food scale). Four ounces of flour on a scale is a precise measurement. But a cup of flour is an imprecise measurement—the type of flour, the way it has been stored, and whether it has been sifted or not can all affect what volume of the measuring cup it occupies. Beans are the same—different origins, varietals, processing methods, and roasting styles will all affect the density of the coffee you buy. And that’s even if you could fill a teaspoon measuring scoop to the exact same level each time, which, sorry, you can’t. So the best way to measure out your coffee accurately every time? By weight. On the scale. Measuring water by volume is obviously far more accurate. yet! Measuring before boiling is no good because you’re going to lose some water to steam, and measuring after is problematic because the water will start to cool while you mess around pouring it back and forth. A better way is to put the actual brewing device on the scale, then measure by weight as you fill it up. Then there is no time wasted, and no margin for error. Some brewing methods (say, French press) are a little more forgiving without a scale than others (pour-over), but it’s never a bad idea to be consistent and accurate.

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