By Tim Hitchcock

Falcon's hole has lengthy been watched via the vile fey of Darkmoon Vale. They've lingered of their wooden, seething with anger on the townspeople for defiling their land. whilst the carnival arrives, the fey ultimately see their probability for vengeance. Carnival of Tears is a low-level, event-based event written by means of Nicolas Logue and Tim Hitchcock that pits the gamers opposed to a band of retched fey who've infiltrated a carnival with the intention to unharness their anger on Falcon's hole. while the heroes discover the darkish secrets and techniques inside, will they act in time to avoid Falcon's hole from turning into the carnival's ultimate buyers?

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A dough-faced huckster preaches to the gang and flails a couple of cane to preach the show’s information. Propped on a small stool sits a two-gallon glass jar packed with a murky yellow liquid. Suspended within the liquid, a deformed, infant-shaped creature bobs slowly. Its tiny, hairless shape is dwarfed by way of its outsized head, from which sickly coloured amber eyes stare hauntingly. The level performs host to numerous various performers who rotate in the course of the day. as well as those, a number of extra sideshows can be found in the a variety of tents adjoining to the degree, as indicated at the map. Homunculus The Dog-Faced lady Chained to a stool, a dog-faced little lady in an enthralling yellow and white flowered gown mournfully howls at passers-by. Morale With nowhere to run, the homunculus fights to the demise. the guy of 1,000 Stitches This cumbersome, bald-headed guy proudly screens enormous quantities of wounds working throughout his torso, fingers, legs, head, and face—all stitched close with thick black thread. Creature: sew is a certified carny. the injuries aren’t genuine, simply the stitches. Creature: A magically preserved homunculus floats within the jar. It basically turns into a nuisance if published. CR 1 hp eleven; MM 154 sew CR 1 hp 7; see web page four (Carny) Human Fish a tender guy with flaky, scaly pores and skin steps directly to the degree because the barker shouts, “Behold the terrifying human fish! ” To the crowd’s dismay, the fellow unfolds a directly razor and proceeds to bloodily slice gills into his neck. subsequent, muscular males grab him and thrust his head in a wide bath of water. firstly, he thrashes approximately as though drowning and the group screams in terror. The ringmaster strategies in the course of wrestle If published from its jar, the homunculus flops in regards to the level, defensively biting at somebody who comes close to till anyone returns it to the jar. Its grasp lengthy handed, the homunculus can purely live to tell the tale contained in the magically infused alchemical fluids in its jar, and if passed over for greater than five mins it screams horribly till it dies 1d4 rounds later. five carnival of tears eliminates his hat and lowers his head, asking the shocked crowd for a second of silence. Moments later, together with his head nonetheless submerged, the fish man’s toes and palms start to faucet a full of life rhythm at the degree and barrel. quickly either the degree freaks and the gang are stomping and clapping in time to the track. as soon as this occurs, the fish guy jerks his head from the barrel and dances off degree. Jebro and Nedders improvement: The huckster invitations the viewers to throw cash to listen to the brothers sing. If the gang obliges, the pinheads squeak out a spittle-spraying model of the subsequent track (to the song of excellent King Wenceslas): Poison guy Welcome humans all and sundry, Welcome to our Carnival. Over vale and wooden we roam, You won’t discover a greater domestic. Welcome humans nice and small, Welcome to our Carnival. sign up for our land of make-believe, You won’t ever are looking to depart. CR 1 hp 7; see web page four (Carny) The Sword Swallower A wide-eyed, middle-aged girl staggers around the level, gasping on the crowd and conserving her throat as though she is choking.

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