By Boris Avrukh

"Grandmaster Repertoire" is a brand new sequence of top quality chess books according to the most strains, written through robust grandmasters. the purpose is to supply the reader with an entire repertoire at a degree more than enough for elite tournaments, and positively additionally for the membership championship. "Grandmaster Repertoire" offers a repertoire to final a life-time. most sensible GM Boris Avrukh charts a direction in the direction of a bonus with 1.d4. Avrukh is used to dealing with the simplest gamers on this planet. during this ebook he provides a more robust model of the repertoire that increased him to the head 50, targeting major strains with a king part fianchetto. "1.d4 quantity One" covers the openings after 1.d4 d4 2.c4, fairly the Catalan, Queen's Gambit permitted, Semi-Slav, Slav, and different Queen's Gambit strains.

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Black is okay in line with thought, and i've additionally didn't locate any possibilities for a bonus. An instance of this can be the subsequent miniature: 1 five . W'f5 bxc4 1 6. bxc4 g6 1 7 . W'g5 dxc4! 1 eight. lLlc6 �xc6 1 nine . . txc6 W'b6 20 . . txd7 W'xb2 2 1 .. th3 �d8 22. W'a5 c3 23. lLlb3 �xd 1 t 24. �xd l lLle4 zero- 1 , Petrov Azarov, Sibenik 2 hundred five . S o , t o hinder whatever this lousy taking place to the reader, i attempted to find anything new after the textual content circulation. Black has a decision offour strikes: B23 1) 1 three ... b5, B232) 1 three ... cxd4, B233) thirteen ... dxc4 and B234) thirteen ... g6. ( l . d4 d5 2. c4 e6 three. tLlf3 tLlf6 four. g3 . te7 five . tg2 0-0 6. 0-0 �bd7 7. �c2 c6 eight. �bd2 b6 nine. e4 . ta6 10. b3 c5 1 l . exd5 exd5 12 . . tb2 �c8 thirteen. �f5) • B23 1) thirteen ... b5 thirteen. �f5!? Having spent many hours analysing this 'This has purely seemed as soon as in perform, so it's not a good shock that it really is attainable to discover an development. The Catalan 1 ninety eight 14. cxb5 . bb5 Now i think White should still play: 1 four . . . lLlc5 1 five . gad l will most likely transpose to our major line after 1 five . . . g6 1 6. �h3 . 1 five. gfdl elimination the rook from a nasty pin. 1 five ... �c5 sixteen. �f1! a pleasant thought: White's knight transfers to e3 to bolster the strain opposed to the d5-pawn. sixteen ... g6 1 6 . . . lLlce4 1 7. lLle3 g6 1 eight. �f3 additionally seems helpful for White. White may still now have performed: 15J;fel! N evidently this is often the easiest sq. for the fl ­ rook, whereas the second one rook may be very worthy at the c-file. Black had an affordable place after 1 five Ji:fc l g6 i n Lukov - Popov, Sofia 1 989. 15 .. J�e8 16Jlac1� The goal is to get a beneficial place by means of taking part in opposed to an remoted pawn after dxc5. (1 . d4 d5 2. c4 e6 three. �f3 �f6 four. g3 �e7 five. �g2 0-0 6. 0-0 �bd7 7. V! fc2 c6 eight. �bd2 b6 nine. e4 �a6 10. b3 c5 1 l . exd5 exd5 12 . . ib2 gc8 1 three. V! ff5) B232) thirteen ... cxd4 14. �xd4 ge8 There are different ideas: 1 four . . . . ib4 this can be untimely. 1 five . gfd l gc5? And this is often already a decisive mistake! 1 6. cxd5 . ib7 1 7. lLle4+Duckworth - Labrador, l. a. 1 ninety nine 1 . 17. V! fc2!? N a shocking retreat, however the place has replaced. 1 7. �b 1 �d7 was once advantageous for Black within the online game Rhode - Sanner, electronic mail 2 hundred 1 . 17 ... �ce4 Now 1 7 . . . �d7 is strongly met via 1 eight. lLle3 and if 1 eight . . . dxc4? then 1 nine. 1Llc6 wins. 18. �e3 . ib7 19. �h3� This place, with all its pressure within the centre, appears beneficial for White. bankruptcy 1 1 - four . . . �e7, five . . . 0-0 and six . . . lLlbd7 1 ninety nine (1 . d4 d5 2. c4 e6 three. ttla ttlf6 four. g3 �e7 five. �g2 0-0 6. 0-0 ttlbd7 7. Y!! c2 c6 eight. ttlbd2 b6 nine. e4 ta6 1 zero. b3 c5 1 l . exd5 exd5 12. �b2 :B:c8 1 three. Y!! fS ) sixteen. ttlg5! making a few threats, resembling 1 7. ttJc6 or 1 7. ttJexf7 :B:xf7 1 eight . V! fe6, attacking either the rook and the bishop on a6. B233) 1 three ... dxc4 14. ttlxc4 sixteen ... c3 17. ,iel g6 1 7 . . . b4 loses to one eight . ttJexf7! by means of 1 nine. V! fe6. Black has no difficulties after 1 four. bxc4 cxd4 1 five. ttJ xd4 g6! . 1 4... b5 I additionally tested 1 four . . . g6 1 five . V! fh3 b5 1 6. ttJce5 cxd4 1 7. ttJxd7 V! fxd7 1 eight. ttJxd4 b4 1 nine . 1'! fd l and White has a distinct initiative. 18. Y!! h three ttlxe5 After 1 eight . . . ttJb6 1 nine. 1'! e l ! ± White has too many threats. 19. dxe5 ttlh5 I b elieve White now has to enhance his play via: 15.

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